From fashion editorial and marketing, Owner & Creative Director, Aylin Ulutas executed KEEPITCOOLNYC during the height of the pandemic. Amongst millions of people who were also unemployed world wide, Aylin took a pair of socks and ran with it. Using her 12 years of fashion experience she followed her own path where she decided to launch her brand.

KEEPITCOOLNYC embodies street style with a twist of tie-dye. This Brooklyn native has a keen eye for New York City culture but elevates a cool, easy-breezy comfort to her pieces. I want people to feel cool, comfortable and stylish throughout every 'WAVE' that I launch. 

The philosophy behind every wave signifies the many waves we go through in life. It's more than just a cool brand, it's a mindset. Life happens. We can go up and then we can go down. It is ultimately up to you on how to keep your 'cool'. 

My purpose in life is to continue to grow, create and elevate my mission. I hope you find something on here to keep it cool. 


Peace & Love,